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EPC project general contracting is to provide customers with comprehensive solutions from production line design, civil construction to equipment installation and commissioning, production management and after-sales service. The targeted cases are usually large-scale projects, long construction periods, complex technologies, and high requirements for the comprehensive capabilities of contractors. AMC has been rooted in the field of mine development, crushing and grinding for many years, and has extremely rich experience in EPC project general contracting. At present, it has successfully developed and operated large-scale mines such as AKAK1, LEBOUDI, VASTE in Cameroon, Africa, and completed the delivery and acceptance.

We can customize crushing production lines according to customer requirements and provide EPC turnkey basic services, including but not limited to the following:

Technical consulting
According to the composition of raw materials, provide market direction and processing direction, provide corresponding crushing processing and technical support information for a complete set of production lines.

Investigate and give advice on building a factory
According to crushing requirements, help customers to sample, test, measure and analyze materials for free

Analysis and design process plan
Combined with site conditions, production capacity, final discharge particle size requirements, and investment cost budget, conduct feasibility analysis and demonstration, design processes and schemes, provide customers with solutions in a short period of time, and select suitable equipment.

Parts service
In order to deliver the parts to the customer's production site as soon as possible, AMC has built a special parts warehouse. We can respond quickly and transfer goods from the warehouse in time, reducing customer waiting time and reducing the risk of equipment downtime.

AMC After Sales Service
After the customer's machine is put into operation, we regularly return to the customer to understand the current machine operating status, production capacity, the use of wearing parts and the problems encountered by the customer, and solve the problem and implement technical guidance.

Comprehensive service provider of mining and aggregate technical equipment


AMC Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. mainly specializes in R&D, design, intelligent manufacturing, and sales of large-scale mining machinery and equipment such as cone crushers, jaw crushers, impact crushers, sand making machines, sand washing machines, and feeding and screening machinery. chemical company.

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